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Our Mission & Vision
Mission Statement
"HOUSE OF SAFETY, the leaders in South African Engineering Safety Management."
Our vision is to become the leaders in engineering safety management by:
  • Providing quality, health and safety training to all persons which are in line with the National Qualifications Framework. This includes the Recognition of Prior Learning Assessment Process (See HOUSE OF SAFETY Recognition of Prior Learning Policy);
  • Conducting quality investigations and audits that is in line with ISO/IEC 17020:1998 at all organisations; and
  • Offer quality, concise and cost effective engineering control mechanisms, safety information and ideas to all organisations.
Values & Principles
HOUSE OF SAFETY’s specific values in education and training are based on three basic classifications namely:
  • Behavioural – we believe that education cannot occur in chaos but in order. We will set values that will promote behavioural values.
  • Procedural – we will enhance the values that are central to discipline for example enquiry methods, values clarification or literary criticism.
  • Substantive – we live in a multiracial / multicultural society. HOUSE OF SAFETY will be neutral and not put one view above the other or discriminate against a view.

Our values in the investigation and auditing and engineering safety management of organisations are that we:

  • Respect the rights of all our customers as set out in the Constitution of South Africa;
  • Our ethics and values are based upon our beliefs that we will do to others as we wish of them to do onto us. (Golden Rule);
  • To offer a guarantee for our clients of quality services that can be relied on and for which value will be given.
Aims & Objectives
Our primary aim is to build a long term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust.

To equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values that will enable meaningful participation in and offer benefits for society and enable learners to be safe, productive and responsible in the workplace.

To ensure that our clients achieve their strategies by lowering their risk profile with effective technical risk management processes.
About HOS
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