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Labour Services
Labour Advice
South Africa has one of the most advanced labour laws in the world. To that effect, you must ensure you stay on top of the latest requirements. Whether you are in the Contract Cleaning, Catering, Construction or any other sector, employment contracts can be drafted to suit your specific needs.

Basic disciplinary codes can be supplied to help you enforce discipline in your workplace.
Consultancy Services
Health & Safety Consultants/Officers
We also provide a service to contractors in the construction industry where we act as health and safety consultants. We will draw up a site specific health and safety plan, a risk assessment and fall protection plan in answer to the given health and safety specification.

House of Safety also provide a monthly service as part time health and safety officer by conducting health and safety audits on site. This will ensure that your health and safety system are kept up to date and is implemented as you would like it to be. Monthly non-conformance reports are issued.
OHS Audits
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House of Safety provides Health & Safety Agents to assist clients in conforming to legal requirements.

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